[Geodynamics] Postdoctoral Research Associate in carbonate platform numerical modeling

Dietmar Muller dietmar.muller at sydney.edu.au
Wed Apr 5 08:49:08 AEST 2017

Applications are invited for a postdoctoral fellowship working as a member of both the EarthByte & Geocoastal Research Groups in the School of Geosciences as part of 1-year Sydney Research Excellence Initiative project.

The position will focus on using observational carbonate reef geology to design and calibrate numerical carbonate stratigraphic models under different forcing conditions related to sediment input and ocean/wave dynamic evolution. Ultimately your work will advance our understanding of how reefs and carbonate platforms develop in the context of sea level change, lateral and vertical motion of continental shelves, ocean circulation and changing sediment input. The project will also address the question: how does the demise of reefs and carbonate platforms influence the global carbon cycle?
The position involves collaboration between the School of Geosciences with the Sydney Informatics Hub (SIH) and the Centre for Translational Data Science (CTDS). The SIH is focused on the management of data, high-performance computing and the translation of data science into applications while the CTDS is a research centre specialised in developing new methods, technologies and tools for data science.


Professor of Geophysics
Director, ARC Basin Genesis Hub and Sydney Informatics Hub
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