[Geodynamics] Linking deep Earth to surface processes @AESC2016

Nicolas Flament nicolas.flament at sydney.edu.au
Thu Jan 21 15:03:42 AEDT 2016

Dear Colleagues,

In case you are planning to be Down Under in June, we would like to bring to your attention the AESC 2016 session “Linking deep Earth to surface processes” (details below).  The deadline for abstracts is 15 February http://aesc2016.gsa.org.au/call-for-abstracts/ and the conference will be in Adelaide 26-30 June.

Our invited speaker will be Stephen Gallagher from the University of Melbourne.


Nicolas and Karol

Session: Linking deep Earth to surface processes
Convenors: Nicolas Flament [Sydney] and Karol Czarnota [GA]

Earth’s topography results from the operation of multiple dynamic processes that occur across a large range of overlapping spatial and temporal scales. Recent advances in integrating geophysical and geological data are improving our knowledge of the crust and lithosphere, and our understanding of the origin of surface topography.In parallel, advances in modelling the plate-mantle system and surface processes have increased interest in exploring the relationships between plate motions, mantle flow, surface topography, sea level, erosion and sedimentation, and basin formation. This session will be a forum to address questions related to the spatial and temporal nature of the surface expressions of mantle convection.  We welcome contributions at all scales and from both a geological/observational and geodynamical/modelling perspective.
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