[Geodynamics] Understanding lower mantle heterogeneity (EGU 2016)

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Fri Jan 8 19:12:36 AEDT 2016

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Please consider submitting an abstract to our session on lower mantle

GD3.2 Understanding lower mantle heterogeneity

Convener: Abigail Bull
Co-Conveners: Grace E. Shephard , Paula Koelemeijer , Dan Bower

To unravel the origin, evolution and longevity of heterogeneities in
Earth's lower mantle an interdisciplinary approach is imperative.
Numerical and laboratory-based geodynamical experiments allow us to
model the generation of mantle heterogeneities, including the
formation and distribution of mantle plumes, the nature and stability
of the large-low-shear-velocity provinces (LLSVPs), and the sinking
and stagnation of slabs. Insights from mineral physics inform us how
phase and spin transitions, and metamorphic reactions influence the
physical properties and rheology of the lower mantle. Important
constraints are provided by seismic tomography and high-frequency
waveform modelling that reveal the length scales and relative
strengths of heterogeneity. Furthermore, surface observations such as
residual topography, sea-level changes, gravity and geoid anomalies,
are crucial to test predictions from dynamic models and guide
subsequent model development.

This session aims to compose an integrated, self-consistent and
data-compliant picture of lower mantle heterogeneity. We encourage
theoretical, numerical and observational contributions from all
disciplines, as well as interdisciplinary efforts, that further our
understanding of the enigmatic lower mantle.

Solicited speakers: Maxim Ballmer (ETH), Peter van Keken (Carnegie),
Nicolas Flament (U. Sydney)

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