[Geodynamics] PhD scholarship in Marine Acoustics at the University of Brest

Jean-Yves Royer jyroyer at univ-brest.fr
Wed Apr 27 01:38:15 AEST 2016

Applications are invited for a 3 yr PhD scholarship in marine acoustics on a project entitled “ 3D modeling of T waves”.

The objective is to model acoustic T waves generated by submarine earthquakes using a 3D finite element modeling (SPECFEM-3D), namely to investigate the role of the topography in the seismic/acoustic conversion at the sea-bottom, the long distance propagation of T-waves and the role of lateral variations in the acoustic properties of the water column.

Citizenship: scholarship open exclusively to citizens from the European Union

Application deadline : May 10, 2016

For a PhD starting in October/November 2016

If interested, please feel free to inquire (application site is not foreigner friendly ;-).

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