[ASA] Delta Call for AAT Proposals - Deadline: 5pm, Friday, September 1st

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Thu Aug 17 00:50:41 AEST 2023

Delta Call for AAT Proposals - Deadline: 5pm, Friday, September 1st



The Australian Time Allocation Committee (ATAC) is issuing a delta call
soliciting proposals for Shared time allocation 

to use instruments at the Cassegrain f/8 focus (Veloce, Koala or visitor
instruments) on the Anglo-Australian Telescope

between September 19th and 20th (1 dark and 1 grey night) and from September
25th to October 2nd (8 bright nights).


Due to a failure of Veloce's pressure controller, precision radial velocity
capability is not available on these dates. 

Only programs that do not require high precision radial velocities will be
considered for this delta call. 


Proposals must be submitted using the Lens proposal preparation system,
which has been opened for this delta call. 

Details on how to prepare proposals are available from



In addition to the details noted on this page, the following restrictions

.          Only astronomers affiliated with Partner institutions can be
listed on the AAT proposals requesting Shared time.


Partners for 2023B are the Australian National University, Macquarie
University, Monash University, 

University of Melbourne, University of New South Wales, University of

University of Southern Queensland, University of Swinburne, University of

University of Tasmania and Western Sydney University.



Chris Lidman and Lucyna Chudczer (On behalf of ATAC)



Dr Lucyna Kedziora-Chudczer | Program Manager
Astronomy Australia Ltd (Sydney Office)

P: +61 2 9372 4842
E: lucyna.chudczer at astronomyaustralia.org.au
<mailto:lucyna.chudczer at astronomyaustralia.org.au>  



AAL endeavours to be an environmentally sustainable organisation built upon
equity, diversity and mutual respect for its staff and stakeholders.



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