[ASA] Invitation to join the "3D view of galaxies" online meetings

Luca Cortese luca.cortese at uwa.edu.au
Thu May 25 10:00:00 AEST 2023

Dear Colleagues,

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We are delighted to announce the start of a new series of on-line talks focused on the 3D view of galaxies, open to all members of the community, especially students and early-career researchers.

Australian astronomy has a long tradition of leadership in studying galaxies in 3D. Starting with early radio surveys a few decades ago and now with SKA-pathfinders, followed by integral field spectroscopic surveys such as SAMI/Hector and, in recent years, the ever-increasing involvement of Australian astronomers in surveys with ESO facilities such as MUSE and ALMA. While pretty much every individual survey team has their own science video meeting, we have noticed an increased demand from the community (students and postdocs in particular) to be able to share their work to a wider audience and engage with colleagues working in different areas (covering both observations and theory) to exchange knowledge and, potentially, start joint projects. As such, a group of us across three institutions and various surveys has decided to initiate a new event with the hope of strengthening the current network of collaborations among Australian institutes.

What’s that all about?
These events will take place once a month (at least for the moment) on the second Tuesday of each month at 2:00pm Sydney time via zoom. During each event we’ll have 2 talks, no more than 10-12 minutes in length each, with the remaining 18-20 minutes dedicated to questions and discussion. The Q&A session is the core of these event and we want to give speakers plenty of time to receive appropriate feedback/suggestions, etc. Questions can be asked either via zoom or via Slack so that the discussion can also continue after the event.

Still interested?
If so, please fill out the form at this link<https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/zK2KCJyBrGfBy3px4uV8BJl?domain=docs.google.com> to be included in our email list and obtain access to the Slack for the event. If you are interested in presenting your work, please also fill the form at this link<https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/HuhPCK1DvKTD9z8LAfvBHSp?domain=docs.google.com>. Please note that this is the first and only email you will receive about this event without officially subscribing.

When do we start?
The series will kick off on Tuesday June 13th (2pm Sydney time). Our first two speakers are:

  *   Matt Frosst (UWA) talking about “Bar formation criteria in galactic disks: Insights from high-resolution simulations.”

  *   Yifan Mai (University of Sydney) talking about “Drivers of gas turbulence in MAGPI and SAMI galaxies.”

Looking forward to seeing many of you attending (and contributing) to this event.

Giulia Santucci, Andrew Battisti, Magdalena Hamel Bravo & Luca Cortese
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