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Greetings everyone
  this STA event may wbo of interest to some members.

John L

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*Department of Home Affairs | Critical technology visa screening*

*Monday 29 August 11:30am - 12:30pm AEST*

*On 1 July 2022, the Migration Regulations 1994 were amended to **establish
additional targeted visa screening*
*for Student visas and a new visa condition for students wishing to change
their course of study. These amendments are intended to identify and manage
the risk of unwanted transfer of critical technologies in certain visa
programs; the visa screening framework will apply to certain other
temporary and permanent visas no later than 6 October 2022.  *

*Although the amendments commenced on 1 July, the Minister for Home Affairs
is yet to release the specific list of critical technologies that will
underpin the visa screening framework, and so no students are yet
affected.  *

*To help STA members understand the implications of the new regulations, we
have organised for officials from the Department of Home Affairs to provide
a briefing session and answer your questions directly.*

*Attendance is not capped, please forward to your own membership so all who
are interested can attend.*

*The online event will be held via Webex. To register please email
events at sta.org.au <events at sta.org.au> and we will forward the *
*calendar invitation. *

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