[ASA] USYD postdoctoral position in Astronomical Instrumentation / Photonics / Interferometry

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Hi Everyone

If you know anyone looking for a postdoctoral place in Astronomical Instrumentation / Photonics / Interferometry, please let them know about the job open now at the University of Sydney, Australia. The details are all in the job Ad links:

  *   Advertisement at University of Sydney<https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/EeRwCVARKgCl4KrYXIG5v5I?domain=usyd.wd3.myworkdayjobs.com>
  *   Ad in the AAS job register<https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/Z64iCWLVXkUjpY7Vxtx0lTO?domain=jobregister.aas.org>

In a nutshell, this job is in support of our innovative GLINT interferometer that is installed within the extreme AO system at Subaru telescope. It is for 2 years initially but will likely run significantly longer as funding allows. The work consists of developing and testing novel photonic and bulk-optic technologies for high precision astronomy (at Sydney), integrating them on sky (at Subaru telescope in Hawaii), then in developing codes for optimal processing the science data.


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