[ASA] ASA (et al) Open Letter to the Minister

John Lattanzio john.lattanzio at monash.edu
Thu Jan 27 16:35:37 AEDT 2022

Dear ASA Members
   the following email (and attached open letter) have been sent to the
Acting Minister for Education and Youth, The Honourable Stuart Robert, MP,
concerning his recent veto of Discovery Projects. It has also been cc'd to
the ARC CEO Professor Sue Thomas.

   John Lattanzio

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Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2022 at 15:52
Subject: Open Letter to the Minister
To: Minister Stuart Robert <stuart.robert.mp at aph.gov.au>
Cc: Professor Sue Thomas <ceo at arc.gov.au>

Dear Minister Robert,

Please find attached a joint open letter from the Royal Australian Chemical
Institute, the Statistical Society of Australia, the Astronomical Society
of Australia, the Australian Institute of Physics and the Australian
Mathematical Society, calling for an end of the use of the National
Interest Test to block the funding of research proposals that have been
recommended for funding by the Australian Research Council.

Yours sincerely,

Professor Steven Bottle, President, RACI
Associate Professor Jessica Kasza, President, SSA
Professor John Lattanzio, President, ASA
Professor Sven Rogge, President, AIP
Professor Ole Warnaar, President, AustMS

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