[ASA] Programme available: ACAMAR virtual workshop on the Future of Traditional Survey Science, 22-24 September 2021

Richard de Grijs richard.de-grijs at mq.edu.au
Tue Sep 7 08:54:20 AEST 2021

Dear colleagues,

Thank you to everyone who submitted an abstract for a talk at the ACAMAR 
workshop on the /Future of Traditional Survey Science/, to be held//from 
22-24 September 2021.

We are pleased to announce that the workshop programme is now available 
here: https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/Yt5TCP7LAXfK7pngBCz-_Oq?domain=ftss2021.casconf.cn

Zoom links are also listed on the programme page, so even if you have 
not registered, you will still be able to attend some or all sessions 
(around 90 people have registered so far). We look forward to seeing 
many of you at the workshop later this month!

On behalf of the workshop's Scientific Organising Committee,

Richard de Grijs

Prof. Richard de Grijs

Department of Physics and Astronomy
Macquarie University
Balaclava Road
Sydney, NSW 2109

Work: +61 2 9850 8317 / +61 2 9850 4166 (secr.)
Mobile: +61 466336588 / richard.de-grijs at mq.edu.au
https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/3900CQnMBZfk50LVntPt2Vs?domain=astro-expat.info & https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/OprJCROND2uvA2XYwSPBHo0?domain=science-skills.com

President, International Astronomical Union Division C:
    Education, Outreach and Heritage (2021-2024)

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