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John Lattanzio john.lattanzio at monash.edu
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Here is an update on the ARC preprint eligibility ruling, srom STA.


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Subject: ARC pre-print rules
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Dear John,

Thank you to each of you who have expressed your concerns to us about the
Australian Research Council policies on pre-print referencing - concerns we
share, and have raised with the ARC.

This morning we wrote to the CEO of the ARC to formally request a review
into this rule change and how pre-prints (including code) can and should be
referenced in the future.

We are aware that this issue does not only affect applicants for DECRA and
Future Fellowships, but also current proposals for new Centres of
Excellence and Discovery grants.

We have stressed the urgency of the need to review and resolve this matter
- and have offered STA’s assistance to provide input from our members into
such a review.

STA’s response has focused on:

   - The urgent need for a rapid formal review to update the ARC’s policies
   on the citation of materials published on preprint servers;
   - The particular perverse impact of the current pre-print rules in the
   physical sciences (physics, astrophysics, mathematics and chemistry in
   particular) where practices on referencing pre-prints have long since
   - The way the current pre-print rules also preclude referencing code
   published in open access in IT and mathematics; and
   - The fact that esteemed international granting agencies overseas such
   as the NIH, NSF and Wellcome Trust have evolved their policies on pre-print

We understand many of you may also wish to communicate further detail
yourselves to the ARC on how the current rules affect your disciplines and
members of your society.

As you prepare your feedback, we thought it helpful to provide STA’s broad
framework (above) to assist to have as united a voice as possible across
the scientific disciplines.

We encourage you to be respectful and understanding in your response
recognising that the ARC is also dealing with altered working arrangements
due to COVID lockdowns. The best approach would be to send your input
directly to the CEO of the ARC at ceo at arc.gov.au.

If you have any questions or concerns, or you have further detail to share
on the impact of these rules in your discipline, please do not hesitate to
contact us.

Kind regards,

*Misha Schubert Chief Executive Officer*
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E: misha.schubert at sta.org.au

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