[ASA] Introduction to the Virtual Observatory TOMORROW morning

Simon O'Toole simon.otoole at mq.edu.au
Mon May 24 11:21:44 AEST 2021

Hi everyone,

For those of you interested in learning more about the Virtual Observatory and what it does, the International Virtual Observatory Alliance Interoperability meeting is on this week. The schedule is available here: https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/isOKC71R2NTAn2m3KU858Sg?domain=wiki.ivoa.net and registration is FREE.

As part of this meeting there will be two sessions tomorrow morning (06:30 AEST/04:30 AWST and 0800 AEST/06:00 AWST) giving an introduction to the VO and examples of VO implementations. Zoom details will be posted on the link above later today (Sessions Intro1 and Intro2 in the schedule).

A common way to access VO data and services is via Topcat or Aladin. So if you have data you’d like to know how to share with the world in a standardised way through tools like these, then please register and join in the meeting.

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