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Alan Duffy aduffy at swin.edu.au
Tue Apr 13 11:54:11 AEST 2021

Dear ASA colleagues,

Together with Microsoft and EY, a Data Challenge has now opened to use AI to combat bushfire.

This 2021 Better Working World Data Challenge will see participants develop an automated fire-edge detection and forecasting model using airborne and satellite imagery from NASA, the European Space Agency, and Geoscience Australia to help tackle the global threat of bushfires. This call is open to staff and postgrad/undergrad students alike (ideally in small teams) with everyone provided with cleaned satellite data, linescan IR imagery from the CFA, and computer credits on Microsoft’s Azure platform.

Outcomes include potential cash prizes, mentoring from EY for top finalists and of course demonstrated skills for future data science roles. For most of us of course the greatest outcome will be knowing you have helped combat bushfire!


Good luck!


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