[ASA] ASTRO 3D ECR Astronomers in Australia Seminar Series Schedule

Amelia Fraser-McKelvie amelia.fraser-mckelvie at uwa.edu.au
Tue Mar 2 18:05:04 AEDT 2021

Dear ASA members,

Please see the email below advertising the ASTRO 3D ECR Astronomers in Australia Seminar Series showcasing Australia’s ECR astronomers. Talks start March 18th and alternate between Africa/European-friendly and North/South American-friendly time slots. We’d appreciate if you could forward this announcement to your international colleagues.

Best Wishes,

The ASTRO 3D International Seminars Committee.


Dear colleagues,

Covid-19 has greatly affected our ability to travel and network within the global astronomy community. As a result, you have been missing out on hearing about the fantastic science being carried out by Australia’s PhD students and early career researchers (ECRs). Happily, we can announce the ASTRO 3D ECR Astronomers in Australia Seminar Series. Come and listen to the best and brightest minds in Australian astronomy get together to share their most exciting results. The best thing? You can hire them – they’re all on the job market!

The ASTRO 3D ECR Astronomers in Australia Seminar Series is a series of conference-style presentations aimed at updating the world on the exciting research coming out of Australia. Two twenty-minute talks each followed by five minutes of questions are scheduled every week from mid-March to July 2021 alternating between times friendly to those based in Europe/Africa or South/North America:

  *   Thursdays at 10:00am GMT (London time) / 11:00am CET (Munich time).
  *   Thursdays at 1:00pm PST (California time) / 4:00pm EST (New York time).

You can find a schedule of seminar talks here: <https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/5QXiC0YKPviAWzJGfwK90_?domain=astro3d.org.au> https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/lqbWCgZ0N1izWJPAIoydsn?domain=astro3d.org.au

To participate, please register at https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/5QXiC0YKPviAWzJGfwK90_?domain=astro3d.org.au/ for Zoom links and further information. All talks will be available afterwards on the ASTRO 3D YouTube channel: https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/zI2tCjZ1N7ixJ0lnc5bDm5?domain=youtube.com

Please forward this email to any relevant colleagues and mailing lists to advertise this seminar series. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the ASTRO 3D international seminar committee at: ecr-sem-series at astro3d.org.au<mailto:ecr-sem-series at astro3d.org.au>

Best Wishes,

The ASTRO 3D international seminar committee.

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