[ASA] Final reminder - abstracts for the ECR Astronomers in Australia Seminar Series close this Sunday 31st January

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Thu Jan 28 19:03:08 AEDT 2021

Dear Colleagues,

A final reminder that registrations close for the ECR Astronomers in Australia Seminar Series at midnight on Sunday 31st of January. If you are a PhD student or postdoc based at an Australian university, apply now at https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/bTy0CgZ0N1iXx13VCN5z0T?domain=astro3d.org.au. Please see original email below for further information.

Best Wishes,
The ASTRO 3D international seminars committee.
ECR Astronomers in Australia Seminar Series - ASTRO 3D<https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/bTy0CgZ0N1iXx13VCN5z0T?domain=astro3d.org.au/>
Covid-19 has affected our ability to travel and present at international seminars this year. This lack of opportunity to network could disadvantage junior astronomers when entering the job market.


Covid-19 has greatly affected our ability to travel and network with the global astronomy community. This lack of networking will be felt most strongly at a junior level, especially for students and early career researchers (ECRs) on the job market. The ASTRO 3D international seminars committee is therefore pleased to invite all PhD students and ECRs in Australia to participate in the ECR Astronomers in Australia Seminar Series, a series of conference-style presentations aimed at advertising the talent of Australian-based astronomers to the world. If you are a student or an ECR based in Australia and would like to present your results to an international audience, this series is for you!

The objective of this series is to improve the visibility of ECRs based in Australia on an international stage. Two twenty-minute talks followed by ten minutes of questions will be scheduled every week from mid-March to June 2021 at a time that accommodates either an audience in Europe/Africa or South & North America. The series will be on-line via Zoom and the talks will be shared afterwards on the ASTRO 3D YouTube channel.

If you are a PhD student or an ECR interested in giving a talk, you can apply by submitting an abstract here : https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/sUQxCk81N9tV6yEmfQ4JW5?domain=astro3d.org.au<https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/BdCBClx1NjiJ5wrgfq721R?domain=astro3d.org.au>

The closing date for this application round is January 31 2021.  The selection committee will evaluate the applications and contact the speakers in February 2021. A calendar of seminar talks will be made available at the same time.

Please feel free to forward this email to any relevant mailing lists to reach a wider group of ECRs. If you have any questions, you can contact the ASTRO 3D international seminar committee at: ecr-sem-series at astro3d.org.au<mailto:ecr-sem-series at astro3d.org.au>

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