[ASA] ANITA workshop registration

Ilya Mandel ilya.mandel at monash.edu
Thu Jan 7 21:09:42 AEDT 2021

Dear colleagues:

Тhe 2021 ANITA (Australian National Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics) workshop registration is now open.  Please register via https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/OjhsCjZ1N7ivn44WFWGjhR?domain=asa-anita.github.io by January 31.  

As a reminder, we will hold an online-only workshop this year.  The workshop will take place over zoom starting the week of 8 February, 2021.  To avoid zoom poisoning, we will hold the workshop over multiple two-hour sessions, running Monday noon — 2 PM AEDT and Friday noon — 2 PM AEDT over several consecutive weeks (the exact number of sessions to be determined based on the number of talk submissions).  As always, early career researchers are particularly encouraged to contribute talks.  Theoretical Astrophysics should be interpreted in the broadest sense, and we welcome all relevant contributions.

We will hold the ANITA school on the topic of Green Computing (software optimisation, etc.) at a later date.  We hope to be able to host an in-person school if possible, but there will be an opportunity to participate online-only.

On behalf of the ANITA steering committee,

P.S. https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/E02SCk81N9tpOyyxFV0M1V?domain=asa-anita.github.io is a direct registration link. 

Ilya Mandel
Professor of Theoretical Astrophysics
School of Physics and Astronomy
Monash University, Australia

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