[ASA] ESO-CUBES: Near-UV workshop: 3-5 Feb 2021

Tayyaba Zafar tayyaba.zafar at mq.edu.au
Mon Jan 4 13:25:28 AEDT 2021

Dear all,

Australia is involved with the upcoming ESO CUBES instrument through a fibrelink project connecting CUBES with UVES. We are going to have a virtual workshop from 3-5 February 2021 to discuss the science for ESO-CUBES. The deadline for the contributed talks is 11th January 2021.

Interested parties please register. The announcement is attached below.


Tayyaba Zafar
Australian Astronomical Optics
Macquarie University

Science with UV-efficient ground-based spectrographs
Online workshop: 3-5 Feb 2021

A broad range of fundamental science is pushing for significantly better
spectroscopic sensitivity at near-UV wavelengths. The four 8.2m telescopes
of ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) are the world’s most scientifically
productive ground-based observatory at visible/infrared wavelengths.
Looking to the future of the VLT there is a long-standing aspiration for
an optimised ultraviolet spectrograph, culminating in plans for the
Cassegrain U-Band Efficient Spectrograph (CUBES).

With a science case strongly motivated by stellar astrophysics and
nucleosynthesis, and also driven by compelling cases from extragalactic
astronomy and Solar System science, CUBES will provide a world-leading
capability to obtain high-resolution spectroscopy (R = 20,000) in the near
ultraviolet (300 – 400 nm), with a tenfold sensitivity gain compared to
existing instruments (e.g. ESO’s UVES instrument).

This online workshop (4hrs max per day) aims to:
* Introduce the CUBES project.
* Both develop and disseminate the cases assembled for CUBES.
* Place CUBES in the wider context of current and future facilities.
* Identify synergies with other VLT instruments, the ELTs, and space

Confirmed invited speakers:
Juan-Manuel Alcala (INAF-OAC)
Piercarlo Bonifacio (GEPI-Paris)
Pat Côté (NRC-Herzberg)
Annalisa De Cia (Geneva)
Gayandhi De Silva (AAO-Mcq)
Boris Gänsicke (Warwick)
Alessandro Marconi (Firenze)
Alessandra Migliorini (INAF-IAPS)
Johan Richard (CRAL)
Rodolfo Smiljanic (CAMK)
Chuck Steidel (Caltech)

Registration & abstracts:
Registration for the workshop is now open at:

We also invite contributed talks on near-UV science - either directly linked to
CUBES or the wider landscape of recent results and other future facilities. In
case of over-subscription some of these might be accommodated as shorter talks
with a chance for further discussion online. A schedule for the workshop will
be announced in mid January.

on behalf of the SOC: Beatriz Barbuy (U. São Paulo), Gabriele Cescutti
(INAF-OATS), Stefano Cristiani (INAF-OATS), Valentina D'Odorico (INAF-OATS),
Chris Evans (UKATC), Vanessa Hill (OCA, Nice), Bruno Leibundgut (ESO), Cyrielle
Opitum (Edinburgh), Tayyaba Zafar (AAO-Mcq)

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