[ASA] AAT Community interest in the 4.3m Discovery Channel Telescope at Lowell

Brent Groves brent.groves at uwa.edu.au
Wed Jan 8 18:48:55 AEDT 2020

Dear Users of the AAT and the ASA community,

A potential opportunity has arisen for Australian Astronomers to access the Discovery Channel Telescope at Lowell Observatory for a few nights of time on the AAT. While the details are yet to be discussed, at this stage the AAT Users’ Committee would like to gauge community interest in such an exchange. If you are interested in such an exchange or have any strong opinions about the benefits/costs of such an exchange or the number of nights, please email me or any other member of the AATUC, and we will collate all responses and feed them back (anonymously if wished) back to the AAT Council.

Information on the DCT and its instruments can be found here:

Brent (on behalf of the AATUC)

  *   Fuyan Bian (ESO) Jun 2021
  *   Michelle Cluver (Swinburne) Jun 2022
  *   Anne Medling (UToledo) Jun 2020
  *   Nicholas Scott (USyd) Jun 2021
  *   Jeffrey Simpson (UNSW) Jun 2021

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