[ASA] EOI I Summer School of Astronomical and Space Instrumentation

Noelia Martinez Rey Noelia.MartinezRey at anu.edu.au
Tue Dec 10 10:52:58 AEDT 2019

Good morning,

My name is Noelia Martinez, academic postdoc at the Advanced Instrumentation and Technology Centre in Stromlo Observatory, ACT. We’re trying to organise the 1st Summer School of Astronomical and Space Instrumentation in Australia in 2021, for Early- and Mid- Career Researchers and last year PhD students in both, technical and scientific fields. The School has the aim of providing a better understanding of the astronomical and space instrumentation from both points of view: from the very initial need of the instrument in order to develop high quality science, to its design, execution and operation in either a space or a ground-based telescope.
The Summer School is intended to last from 4 to 5 days, with theoretical lectures, lab sessions and industry engagements activities.
With the purpose of better understanding the expected audience, we’ve created a survey and we’d really appreciate its distribution among the Early and Mid Career Researchers community.

I Summer School of Astronomical and Space Instrumentation
Please complete the survey to help us better predict the audience we could expect. Your opinion is important!!
RESPONSES DUE BY 14/DEC/2019 -> https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/VrTXCyoNVrcxpLLphZsjQr?domain=forms.gle

Thank you for your cooperation,
Best regards

Noelia Martinez
Postdoctoral Fellow
Australian National University
Stromlo Observatory, Cotter Road, Weston Creek 2611 ACT
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