[ASA] CTA-Linkages in Australia meeting (Adelaide, Nov 28-29)

Gavin Rowell gavin.rowell at adelaide.edu.au
Sat Sep 21 16:57:22 AEST 2019

Dear Colleagues,

This is to let you know of the "CTA Linkages in Australia" meeting taking place in
Adelaide November 28-29. The meeting website is here:


CTA (Cherenkov Telescope Array) is the next generation TeV gamma-ray observatory. It is
in its pre-construction phase at the Northern site (La Palma) already, and soon, at the
Southern site (Paranal) from about 2020 - https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/6NN9CJyp0qhO1DVQiG37ln?domain=cta-observatory.org

The purpose of the Adelaide meeting is to bring some of CTA's leadership personnel in governance and science to Australia to discuss linkages (formal and informal) with major projects in Australian astronomy, radio and optical in particular. The meeting's program of invited speakers aims to set this scene, and, to provide a current overview of the exciting results from the radio bands to TeV gamma-rays, GWs, and neutrinos. Two discussion sessions on linkage areas and agreements are planned for the meeting.

While the program largely comprises invited talks on a range of topics, there are still a number (6-8) of slots for short contributed talks (8+2 mins). We therefore welcome further talks on topics ideally covering multi-wavelength and multi-messenger studies of astrophysical sources.

To register and submit abstracts, please see the above website. Registration is free, and courtesy of sponsorship under an NCRIS grant via AAL.

Even if you're not planning a talk, please consider joining us in Adelaide for the discussion.
We will also aim to have a remote connection available.

We hope to see you in Adelaide

Gavin Rowell & Sabrina Einecke (for the CTA-Linkages meeting LOC).

Gavin Rowell                                                           ph +61883138374
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