[ASA] AusESO2020: "The build-up of galaxies through multiple tracers and facilities"

Claudia Lagos Urbina claudia.lagos at uwa.edu.au
Fri Aug 9 13:47:26 AEST 2019

Dear Colleagues,

It is our please to announce the conference "The build-up of galaxies through multiple tracers and facilities" to be held in Perth, Australia, 17th-21st of February 2020, at the beautiful University of Western Australia Campus. This is the second installment of the series of joint Australia-ESO conferences. Call for participants and speakers is open:



By 2020, we will have obtained the first major results from a huge variety of “pathfinder” facilities that are operating with entirely new types of survey instruments. These pathfinders have a common aim of untangling galaxy evolution physics, and so it is important that first science results are communicated across various disciplines. This is the main purpose of this second Australia-ESO conference, allowing us to start serious conversations about the future coordination of next-generation galaxy evolution surveys.

Key topics to be discussed during the conference include:

1) The baryon cycle in our own Galactic neighbourhood: what we have learned from galactic archaeology, and the interstellar and circumgalactic gas (and its accretion) in the Milky-Way and Magellanic Clouds.

2) The local Universe: the multi-phase baryon mass census (hot, cold, warm medium and stars and stellar halos), the baryon-halo connection, environmental effects on the ISM of galaxies, outflows/inflows locally.

3) Transients: a nascent avenue of learning about galaxy evolution, the intergalactic medium which is expected to grow immensely over the next few years, featuring Fast Radio Bursts, Gravity Waves, Gamma-ray bursts, and others.

4) Galaxies across time: physical processes leading to quenching and their effect on the gas reservoirs of galaxies, angular momentum evolution, and the black hole/galaxy co-evolution.

5) Cosmic Dawn and the Epoch of Reionisation: the census of z>4 galaxies (luminosity functions, dust content, star formation, interstellar medium), QSOs and radio activity, and evolution of the neutral hydrogen content.

We will provide childcare support to maximize participation of those with carer responsibilities.

We would appreciate if you can circulate this widely among your colleagues.

Best regards,

Claudia Lagos (on behalf of the SOC)
ASTRO 3D Senior Research Fellow                                         Tel:(+61 8) 6488 3677
International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research           web:www.clagos.com
University of Western Australia , 7 Fairway, Crawley, Perth, Australia

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