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Date: August 6, 2019 at 05:10:46 MST
Subject: Inclusive Astronomy 2 Late Abstract Announcement

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To our colleagues, fellow astronomers and activists, 

After much consideration and input from the community, we have decided to open a call for late abstracts for Inclusive Astronomy 2. Please visit our website (https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/qBpFC0YZWVF93PoLswQUVk?domain=tiny.cc <https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/qBpFC0YZWVF93PoLswQUVk?domain=tiny.cc>) to submit a late abstract.

We recognize that not only did our call for abstracts fall in line with other major deadlines that many felt were an application barrier, but that we also failed to have an accessibility statement available by time the original call for abstracts closed, and hope that late abstracts may provide additional opportunities to those affected.We would like to note that although the conference is already oversubscribed and spaces are limited, we want to ensure that all interested people have an equal opportunity to apply to present in the form of a talk or on a panel.

Late abstracts may result in a short (15 minute) talk or contribution to a panel, and we will not be able to provide travel assistance to those who are registering for the first time with this call.

Our timeline for late abstracts :
Late abstract call opens (right now!) August, 6.
Late abstract call closes September 1. 
Notices of acceptances will go out September 9. 
(Due to tight turnaround, we'll need to have all participants registered by September 13 at the latest.) 

Information about important dates, logistics, and accessibility will be posted at our website: https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/qBpFC0YZWVF93PoLswQUVk?domain=tiny.cc <https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/qBpFC0YZWVF93PoLswQUVk?domain=tiny.cc>. Questions can be directed to Inclusion2 at stsci.edu <mailto:Inclusion2 at stsci.edu>.
The Inclusive Astronomy 2 (IA2) conference <webextlink://Inclusive%20Astronomy%202%20(IA2)%20conference> will be held from <webextlink://%20will%20be%20held%20from> October 14-15, 2019, at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, MD. Like the first Inclusive Astronomy conference, IA2 will serve as a venue to advocate and provide resources for the inclusion in the astronomy community of people of color; LGBTQIA+ people; people with disabilities; women; and everyone who holds more than one of these underrepresented identities. Come take part in a community discussion to reflect on the state of the profession and envision how to improve it into the 2020s.

Conference Description:

It has been four years since the 2015 Nashville Inclusive Astronomy meeting, an event that brought astronomers together with sociologists, policy makers, and leaders in the field to discuss issues affecting underrepresented groups in astronomy. The Nashville Recommendations, which emphasize equity and intersectionality, build upon a rich history of work to broaden participation and improve climates. We now have the opportunity to bring together the astronomy community to discuss the current state of the profession and make recommendations for the 2020s and beyond.  Specifically, we will discuss community expectations on inclusivity and representation, evaluate our progress towards meeting equity goals, and address the needs of marginalized groups in the workforce.  We will advance these broad goals by focusing on barriers in professional development (e.g., training, jobs, promotion, tenure) and barriers to accessing resources (e.g., funding, telescopes, facilities, data).

We invite the community to present their work towards identifying and removing these barriers and to participate in the next steps towards making astronomy fully inclusive. We specifically encourage students and members of marginalized groups to apply.

Best regards,

Alyson Brooks (Rutgers)
Sheryl Bruff (STScI)
Van Dixon (STScI)
Jules Fowler (STScI)
Scott Gaudi (Ohio State)
Moiya McTier (Columbia)
Dara Norman (NOAO)
Neill Reid (STScI)
Keivan Stassun (Vanderbilt)
Lou Strolger (STScI, Chair)
MacKenzie Warren (Michigan State)
Brian Brooks
Keira Brooks
Sherita Hanna
Nimish Hathi
Lea Hagen
Samantha Hoffmann
Jackie Monkiewicz (Arizona State, consulting member)
James Paranilam
Laura Prichard
Neill Reid
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