[ASA] 2019 ASA Peter McGregor Prize

Cathryn Trott Cathryn.Trott at curtin.edu.au
Wed Jul 24 11:42:53 AEST 2019

Dear ASA Members,

At the ASA annual science meeting dinner on July 11, the award for the Peter McGregor Prize was announced and accepted.

The Peter McGregor Prize is awarded in recognition of exceptional achievement or innovation in astronomical instrumentation. The award is made to an individual or team for the design, invention or improvement of astronomical instrumentation and associated software techniques.

The ASA awarded the 2019 Peter McGregor Prize to the DiFX Collaboration. Collaboration lead A/Prof Adam Deller accepted the award and delivered the Peter McGregor Prize talk at the meeting.

The DiFX collaboration includes the following contributors:
Adam Deller (leader), Walter Alef, James Anderson, Matthias Bark, Matthew Bailes, Walter Brisken, Roger Cappallo, Geoff Crew, Richard Dodson, Dave Gordon, Zheng Meyer-Zhao, John Morgan, Chris Phillips, Cormac Reynolds, Jon Romney, Helge Rottman, John Spitzak, Matteo Stagni, Steven Tingay, Jan Wagner, Mark Wainright, Randall Wayth.

The ASA congratulates the DiFX team, and thanks the other collaborations for their submissions, and the judges for taking the time to assess them.


Cathryn Trott

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