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Please see further info concerning the Ozastroparticle physics breakout below

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Dear all,

For our ozastroparticle breakout discussion at the ASA meeting Thurs 11 July, we'll use the following Zoom URL:


The session will take place during the Thurs lunch break (12:40-2pm) but the exact

timing will be announced soon. I'll connect into the meeting via Zoom (since I'll be away during the ASA) and briefly recap the key points and feedback.

Thanks for the comments so far. They *broadly* suggest:

- More details on the particle physics side

  Jeremy was referring to this document (US Particle Physics paper)


- Expand on dark matter studies/techniques

- Expand on particle cosmology

- Expand on nucleosynthesis issues and space/solar issues

A further discussion point related to chapters or sub-groups that I think is looming:

Should we aim for ASA and/or AIP chapter(s) on astroparticle physics? Given the strong interest from both camps, is a joint ASA-AIP chapter feasible? Note that particle physics and space physics already have an AIP group.



For reference the ASA meeting website is here:


Looking forward to the discussion on Thurs!



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