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Dear ASA,

Please join me in congratulating David McClelland who has been elected to the Australian Academy of Science. David is speaking tomorrow at the New Fellows Symposium at the Shine Dome.

Citation from the AAS reads:

In 2016, the LIGO and Virgo Collaborations announced the first direct detection of gravitational waves, opening up a new window for astronomy and cosmology. David McClelland was a vital contributor to this success as Australia's leading audio-band gravitational wave scientist and Chair of the Instrument Science/Advanced Detector program in the 1000-strong LIGO Scientific Collaboration. He led the ANU team that played a crucial role in designing, installing and commissioning Advanced LIGO's acquisition system, which brings the interferometers into operation. His pioneering quantum science experiments that beat the previous low-frequency limit for squeezing light by three orders of magnitude were also essential for improving gravitational wave detection sensitivity.

Please join me in congratulating David!

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