[ASA] ASVO User Preferences Survey 2018

Elizabeth Mannering elizabeth.mannering at mq.edu.au
Mon Sep 10 15:38:17 AEST 2018

Dear Colleagues,

The All-Sky Virtual Observatory (ASVO) is enabling researchers to access data across a federated network of datasets, from all types of astronomical facilities in Australia. The ASVO currently consists of five active nodes:

 - Theoretical Astrophysical Observatory (TAO)
 - SkyMapper
 - Data Central (AAT)
 - MWA


You are invited to provide feedback and comments for each ASVO node, and the ASVO as a whole, by completing a short survey:


The collected responses will inform aspects of the current development and potential future functionality of the ASVO nodes. The survey takes ~15 minutes to complete, and your time and effort will help ensure that ASVO is best positioned to meet the needs of the Australian astronomical community.

We look forward to receiving survey responses by the 1st October 2018.

Please contact me with any questions, and feel free to forward this email to astronomers/students who may not be on the ASA email list.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Kind regards,

Liz Mannering, on behalf of the ASVO
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