[ASA] Call for expressions of interest to lead ARC LIEF proposals involving the Australia Telescope National Facility

Douglas.Bock at csiro.au Douglas.Bock at csiro.au
Tue Sep 11 09:02:16 AEST 2018

Dear ASA members,

Planning for the next round of ARC LIEF (Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities) applications is starting, and, in order to ensure an appropriate balance between current commitments and possible new projects, CASS is seeking Expressions of Interest from the community to lead prospective LIEF proposals. Projects that have previously been discussed with the Australia Telescope User Committee (ATUC) include (i) a GPU-based replacement for CABB (the Compact Array Broadband Backend), (ii) an Ultra-Wide-Band High (covering ~4 GHz to ~24 GHz, or possibly higher) for Parkes, and (iii) a "tied-array" back-end for ASKAP, but suggestions for other projects are also welcomed. CASS is not able to lead LIEF projects, but is willing to partner with Universities on projects (within its resource constraints) that will enhance the National Facility for all users.

Expressions of Interest, in the form of a one-page outline of the project and an indication of potential contributions from partner institutions, should be emailed to Nic.Svenson at csiro.au by Friday 21st September. EoIs will be considered by CASS, in consultation with ATUC, and by the end of September we will provide an initial assessment of which proposals CASS may be able to support. For further information please contact Jimi.Green at csiro.au


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