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Dear Colleagues,
  On July 1st, 2018, the functions of the former Australian Astronomical Observatory were transferred to two University-led consortia.

The AAT is now operated by the Australian National University on behalf of a consortium of 13 Australian universities. The AAT Consortium is managed by Astronomy Australia Limited.

Macquarie University has now acquired the North Ryde Instrumentation group. This group, together with the ANU and the University of Sydney, have formed a new national optical instrumentation capability, functioning under the AAO brand as Australian Astronomical Optics.

This e-mail explains some of the changes to operations of the AAT.

AAT Web pages

The URL for obtaining information on the AAT, its instruments, the observing schedule and general information for observers is now at https://aat.anu.edu.au<https://aat.anu.edu.au/>. Additional information on the governance of the AAT is available from https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/uBV6CxnMRvtrgpqkI874M3?domain=astronomyaustralia.org.au.

The old AAO URL still exists, but it should no longer be used for obtaining information on the AAT.

Submission of the form for visitors and remote observing now needs to be done via


This uses the Lens system, which is managed by AAO-Macquarie.

Astronomical Support at the AAT

The AAT provides astronomical support to a very limited number of programs. Programs that are offered this support are listed in the schedule: https://aat.anu.edu.au/schedules/AAT/2018B

Support for these programs is provided by volunteers from the Australian astronomical community. In return, the AAT will provide an honorarium or Director’s time. Please contact the Director, Chris Lidman (christopher.lidman at anu,edu.au<mailto:christopher.lidman at anu,edu.au>) if you are interested in being an AAT support astronomer.

Financial Support for Travel and Accommodation for Student Observers at the AAT

The AAT provides travel and accommodation support for students that travel to the telescope to do their observations

Details are provided at https://aat.anu.edu.au/science/support-astronomers.


Chris Lidman

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The Australian National University, Canberra, ACT, Australia
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