[ASA] ADACS special session at the ASA annual meeting - call for abstracts

Rebecca Lange rebecca.lange at curtin.edu.au
Mon Apr 16 21:22:01 AEST 2018

Dear ASA member,

At this year’s ASA annual scientific meeting ADACS will organise a special session on “Data and Computing”, please find below a description and the aim of this session. As this is not a typical session offered at the ASA meeting we encourage you to read and consider submitting an abstract aimed for this session, helping us promote the importance of computation in astronomy. The abstract submission<https://asa2018.swin.edu.au/register/> deadline for the ASA annual meeting is Wednesday, 18 April 2018.

The Data and Computing session will focus on the computational challenges of data reduction and analysis as well as software development in the era of petascale data and across multi-national surveys. Contributions and developments in these areas need to be shared and credited so that they may continue to develop and thrive. As the role of a ‘computationalist’ within our growing collaborations becomes more important we are hoping this session will provide a platform to promote and highlight this crucial ‘behind the scenes’ work.

This session aims to:

  *   Highlight current development efforts for code and methods in progress;

Provide a platform for people to discuss the core computing and methodology that has been essential to their science;
Increase the visibility of the people developing the software, pipelines, and techniques that enable Australian astronomy (in particular the talented PhD/ECR people who need this recognition in order to continue a career in the field);
Foster a community of Australian researchers that are data and code proficient;
Encourage and normalize the open sharing of software, methodology, and work flows;
Raise awareness of proper publication and citation practices for data, code, and methodology;
Lower the barrier for entry for anyone looking to engage with new techniques or facilities, by providing visibility of the relevant experts and software.

All the best,
Rebecca Lange, on behalf of ADACS

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