[ASA] Call for Nominations to EPOC Steering Committee

Robert.Hollow at csiro.au Robert.Hollow at csiro.au
Wed Apr 11 09:43:30 AEST 2018

Dear ASA Members

This is a call to members of the Education and Public Outreach Chapter (EPOC) of the ASA for nominations to serve on the EPOC Steering committee. Nominations are open for: the following positions:

Ordinary Members
Student Representative

Membership positions for ordinary members on the Steering Committee are for two years in a staggered rotation.

The Student Representative position is for one year and is open to any current student member of EPOC.

The position for Chair is for two years (then two years as Immediate Past-Chair).

If we receive more nominations than positions available we will organise an online election which would be held in late April.

New members will take their positions in May.

Details about EPOC and committee responsibilities and structure may be found at: https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/1nRJCmOxDQt8Z7wohG6ux6?domain=asaepoc.org

Please consider nominating and serving on the EPOC Steering Committee. Self-nominations are fine. If you wish to nominate another EPOC member please ensure you have the nominee’s permission.

To nominate please send an email to asaepoc at gmail.com<mailto:asaepoc at gmail.com> with your name, affiliation, together with a one or two paragraph outline of your interest in the position (this will be included in an election form if needed). Please contact me if you require any further information.

if you are an ASA member but not yet an EPOC member you may join EPOC at any time. Pleas update your chapter memberships via the ASA Member page and also send an email to asaepoc at gmail.com<mailto:asaepoc at gmail.com> with name, affiliation and status (student, ECR, etc) requesting EPOC membership.

Nominations are due by 23.39 AEST Monday 23 April 2018.



Robert Hollow
Chair, Education and Public Outreach Chapter of the ASA

Astronomy and Space Science

E robert.hollow at csiro.au<mailto:robert.hollow at csiro.au> T +61 2 9372 4247 M 0412 890 472

PO Box 76, Epping, NSW 1710 Australia

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