[ASA] invitation to nominate for open positions on the ANITA steering committee

Roland Crocker Roland.Crocker at anu.edu.au
Thu Mar 29 21:44:56 AEDT 2018

Dear ASA Members,  The ANITA (= Australian National Institute for
Theoretical Astrophysics) chapter of ASA notifies that the regular
terms for three positions on the ANITA steering committee are shortly
coming to an end. We therefore invite interested members to nominate
(or renominate) for the newly opened positions:  *committee chair  *two
(2) steering committee positions  Please nominate by 13th of April 2018
via email to

Roland.Crocker at anu.edu.au.  Elections will be held shortly after 13th of
April if there are more than one applicant per position.  Recognising
our current lack of gender diversity, we particularly encourage female
members of ASA with an interest in Theoretical/Computational
Astrophysics to nominate.  Roland Crocker Returning Officer
Roland Crocker
Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics
Australian National University
Roland.Crocker at anu.edu.au
+61 2 612 50253 (office)
+61 438 499 129 (mobile)

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