[ASA] Magellan access update: Last semester of access will be 2018B

Tue Feb 13 15:09:33 AEDT 2018

Dear All,


With the Australia-ESO partnership now providing Australian-based
astronomers, with access to large optical telescopes, AAL has been
reassessing other purchases of time on similar facilities. The Keck and
Gemini access agreements lapsed in December 2017 and were not renewed. The
Magellan access agreement was scheduled to continue until 2020 and AAL did
not expect any changes to that agreement; however, the Magellan Council
recently agreed to an early termination to the agreement.


As such, this email is to announce that AAL has terminated its contract with
the Carnegie Institution for Science for access to the Magellan Telescopes
from 2019. Australian astronomers will have access to 15 nights on Magellan
in 2018, with the final semester of access being 2018B. A call for proposals
for 2018B will be issued by the International Telescopes Support Office in
March 2018.



Kind Regards,

Mita Brierley


Dr Mita Brierley
Senior Program Manager
Astronomy Australia Ltd (Sydney Office)

P: +61 2 9850 6371
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