[ASA] ANITA school and workshop 2018

Aaron Robotham aaron.robotham at uwa.edu.au
Wed Jan 24 14:55:02 AEDT 2018

Hi All,

Final preparations are being made for the upcoming ANITA school and workshop, but pretty much all the details are now on the website at:


The schedule for the workshop is fairly final now (everybody who submitted an abstract should have a talk), but please get in touch soon if there is a reason you cannot do the slot provided.

For those coming to Gingin during the school (Wednesday), please be advised that lunch will be provided, but coffee during the coffee breaks will have to be bought from the cafe next to the venue.

The final important thing to note that you might miss is what to get installed on your laptop before coming to the school. Please see the bottom of the page at:


If you cannot get these things working on your own machine you might have to team up with other school participants for periods.

We will be providing pizzas (Monday night) and a BBQ (Wednesday) free of charge, but the conference dinner on Thursday will need to be paid for by attendees (so please bring money of some kind). To keep costs down for students the conference dinner will be pay-as-you go rather than a flat rate. The venue is the Varsity Bar near near to the workshop venue:


We’re looking forward to seeing a good number of ASA folk (~50) there!


Aaron (on behalf of the SOC and LOC)

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