[ASA] ACAMAR SKA PhD Scholarships - Call for Applications

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*Please circulate this email to potential applicants for the ACAMAR SKA PhD

ACAMAR is delighted to offer SKA scholarships for Chinese Ph.D students to
visit or enrol at selected Australian universities and research institutes.
These scholarships, of which up to 20 per year are available, are funded by
Australian institutes and the China Scholarship Council (CSC), managed by
the National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
There will normally be two rounds per year, with only the first round
offering the full 4-yr scholarships. This scheme is open to students of
Chinese nationality up to 35 years old.

Note: All PhD projects will be related to *SKA radio astronomy*.

*OPTION 1: 4-year scholarships (deadline 10th February 2018)*

Applications are invited only once per year for 4-yr SKA scholarships for
enrolment at eligible Australian universities. Applications are restricted
to Chinese students who are finishing their Masters degree at a Chinese

Australian universities currently offering projects are ANU, Curtin
University, Melbourne University, Swinburne University, University of
Sydney, University of Tasmania, and The University of Western Australia.
CSIRO projects may also be selected, but enrolment is only possible at a
university, so an official university supervisor must also be
arranged. Applicants who wish to enrol at an Australian university will
need to pass the eligibility requirements (including IELTS) of the host

*OPTION 2: 2-year scholarships (deadline 1st March 2018)*

Applications are invited for the following:

   - Research visits to eligible Australian universities and research
   institutes (including CSIRO) for up to 2 years by Chinese Ph.D students.
   - Joint 2+2-year enrolment at eligible Australian universities for
   Chinese Ph.D students.

PhD students are required to be enrolled in China at one of: the University
of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University, Tsinghua University,
Beijing Normal University, Nanjing University or the University of Science
and Technology of China at Hefei.

An approved project with an Australian co-supervisor must be selected.
Australian universities and institutes currently offering projects are ANU,
CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science, Curtin University, Melbourne University,
Swinburne University, University of Sydney, University of Tasmania, and The
University of Western Australia.


   - *22 January 2018: *applications open
   - *10 February 2018:* application close for 4-yr scholarships (option 1)
   - *1 March 2018: *applications close for 2-yr scholarships (option 2)
   - *May 2018:* formal CSC offer
   - *June 2018:* formal Australian institute offer
   - *July to December 2018:* commence study in Australia

For more information, please visit: https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/JwhjCk8vAZtXGpGWH2n-jt?domain=acamar.org.au

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