[ASA] Focus Meeting on Galactic Angular Momentum at the IAU General Assembly 2018

Danail Obreschkow danail.obreschkow at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 16:24:24 AEDT 2018

    Galactic Angular Momentum

      Focus Meeting 6 at the XXXth IAU General Assembly
      Vienna, Austria
      August 20-22, 2018


We invite you to join the Focus Meeting on *Galactic Angular Momentum* 
at the 2018 IAU General Assembly in Vienna. This meeting strives to 
become a milestone event on galactic angular momentum. It will 
critically review and promote the major progress in galaxy evolution 
theory enabled by recent observational and computational advances in 
angular momentum physics. The meeting will include invited talks, 
contributed talks and posters. Registration and other administrative 
matters are organized by the IAU, as explained on the General Assembly 
website <https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/egQ-CJyp0qhAnAn8IG2Ggu?domain=astronomy2018.univie.ac.at>.

Register here <https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/vS-ECK1qJZtM1M1qT3xVsA?domain=astronomy2018.univie.ac.at>

Poster with SOC and invited speakers 
*Key topics:*

  * The cosmological origin and evolution of angular momentum (AM)
  * New precision measurements of galactic AM using integral field
    spectroscopy and interferometry
  * Numerical simulations of acquisition, transport, growth and ejection
    of galactic AM
  * Interpretation of the Hubble morphology sequence in terms of AM
  * The role of AM in cold gas physics, turbulence, winds, clumps, star
    formation and black holes
  * Alignment of galactic spin and cosmic large scale structure

Important dates:

  * *January 31*: Early-bird registration deadline
  * *February 28*: Deadline for regular abstract submission for oral and
    poster contributions; deadline for IAU grant submission
  * May 1: Announcement final program
  * May 31: Deadline for poster-only submissions
  * June 30: Deadline for regular registration
  * August 20-31: IAU general assembly
  * August 22-22: IAU focus meeting #6

We look forward to seeing you in Vienna in August, 2018!

On behalf of the scientific organizing committee,

/Danail Obreschkow (Chair)//
//Françoise Combes (Co-Chair)//
//Aaron Romanowsky (Co-Chair)//
//Rachel Somerville (Co-Chair)//
//Roger Davies (Co-Chair)//
//Claude Carignan//
//Arianna Di Cintio//
//Chanda Jog//
//Patricia Tissera//
//Karl Glazebrook//
//Mark Swinbank//
//Eric Emsellem//
//Sebastian F. Sanchez//
//Romeel Davé//
//Charlotte Christensen//
//Yipeng Jing/



Dr Danail Obreschkow
Research Associate Professor
International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research
University of Western Australia
M468, 35 Stirling Hwy
Crawley WA 6009

Phone: +61 8 6488 7388
Email: danail.obreschkow at uwa.edu.au

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