[ASA] Pawsey medal for Paul Lasky

Stuart Wyithe swyithe at unimelb.edu.au
Fri Nov 17 22:00:37 AEDT 2017

Dear ASA,

Please join me in congratulating Paul Lasky who was announced today as the winner of the 2018 Pawsey medal from the Australian Academy of Science.


The citation for Paul’s medal is copied below.

Dr Paul Lasky has dedicated his career to furthering our understanding of the most exotic regions of the universe. He is an active member of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration that, in 2016, transformed the very foundations of astrophysics by announcing the first detection of gravitational waves—tiny ripples in the fabric of spacetime—coming from two colliding black holes over one billion light years from Earth. He has identified new ways of studying the interiors of neutron stars using their gravitational-wave signatures, as well as new ways of testing Einstein’s theory of gravity in regions of the universe where new physics is most likely to occur—at the surfaces of black holes. He has also recruited and led an international team that provided direct, empirical measurements that deepen our understanding of the universe from when it was less than one second old.

The Pawsey Medal recognises the contributions to science in Australia by the late Dr JL Pawsey, FAA. It’s purpose is to recognise outstanding research in physics by scientists up to 10 years post-PhD in the calendar year of nomination, except in the case of significant interruptions to a research career. The award is made annually and is restricted to candidates who are normally resident in Australia and for research conducted mainly in Australia.

Congratulations Paul!


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