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PhD Scholarships at Swinburne University: Expressions of Interest due 29 September 2017


The Centre for Astrophysics & Supercomputing (CAS) at Swinburne University of Technology invites applications for its PhD program and scholarships from Australian and international students.  Expressions of Interest for PhD scholarships beginning in 2018 are due by September 29, 2017.

With around 20 research faculty, 20 postdoctoral researchers and 30 graduate students from two dozen different countries, CAS offers a vibrant, research-focussed and friendly atmosphere where PhD students help conduct - and learn how to lead - cutting-edge research in all areas of astronomy.

CAS has a collaborative agreement with Caltech guaranteeing up to 15 nights per year on the 10-m Keck Telescopes (Hawaii).  CAS also hosts

one of Australia's most powerful supercomputers, together with Centres of Excellence for Gravitational Wave Discovery and Astrophysics in 3D.

Our research strengths cover many areas of astronomy, from cosmology and the large-scale structure of the Universe, to quasars, Fast Radio Bursts and the most distant known galaxies, to clusters and groups of galaxies, down to our own Milky Way, its structure and fascinating contents: pulsars, neutron stars, globular clusters, stars and planets.  We also research 3-D visualisation techniques and applications of advanced scientific computing.

PhD scholarships are available for both Australian and international students, with tax-free stipends starting at AUD$26,682 p.a. with tuition fees waived.  In addition to their scholarship stipend, students are allocated a high-end computer and may access research funds for telescope observing trips, conferences etc.

Swinburne's Hawthorn campus is situated in a lively, urban setting just minutes by public transport from Melbourne's city centre.  Other benefits include relocation allowance, thesis publication allowance, standard 4-week p.a. annual holiday leave plus sick leave (including carer leave), paid maternity (12 weeks) and partner leave entitlements.

CAS is committed to promoting a positive workplace culture which embraces diversity, and providing a supportive and equitable environment for all staff and students.

For details about postgraduate study at CAS, including available supervisors, PhD topics and how to apply, see http://astronomy.swin.edu.au/study/postgradstudy.html.

Potential students are also invited to contact Dr Chris Blake (cblake at swin.edu.au), Graduate Admissions Coordinator, with any enquiries.
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