[ASA] Gemini Users' Committee Meeting 2017

John O'Byrne john.obyrne at sydney.edu.au
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Dear All,

I will be representing Australian users of the Gemini telescopes at the annual Users’ Committee Meeting in La Serena, on Aug 8-9.  Australia has been a limited-term partner with 7 classical nights per year available for allocation on Gemini North and South since 2016. This partnership will cease at the end of 2017.

However Australian astronomers can still apply for observing time at both telescopes through Director’s Discretionary Time and the NOAO open sky access. In addition there will be 8 classical nights of guaranteed time available with GeMS/GSAOI next year after the LIEF-funded upgrade to the instrument is completed.

I request a feedback from current and future users of the Gemini telescopes on the overall observing experience, and especially on:

- the classical mode of observations versus previously available (for Australians) queue scheduling;

- comments on the re-vamped Gemini webpage;

- the process of application for observing time;

- user-friendliness of Observing Tool for Phase II;

-post-observing support, including help with data reduction;

- and the usefulness of the Data Reduction Forum.

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