[ASA] SkyMapper Southern Sky Survey DR1

Christopher Onken (for SkyMapper) skymapper at anu.edu.au
Tue Jun 6 12:22:24 AEST 2017

Dear colleagues,

the SkyMapper Team is pleased to announce that Data Release 1 (DR1) from 
the Southern Sky Survey is now available for use by Australian 
astronomers at http://skymapper.anu.edu.au. DR1 covers more than 98% of 
the Southern sky in the six SkyMapper filters (/uvgriz/), and includes 
more than 2.3 billion detections from nearly 70,000 /Shallow Survey/ 
images. The detections have been merged into a mean photometry catalogue 
of over 300 million unique objects, complete to ~17.5 ABmag, and 
pre-matched against Gaia, Pan-STARRS1, GALEX, WISE, 2MASS, UCAC4 and APASS.

Catalogue access (through Cone Search and TAP/ADQL) and image cutouts 
are available via the website and through Virtual Observatory tools like 
TOPCAT and Aladin (see http://skymapper.anu.edu.au/how-to-access/). 
Australian astronomers initially have exclusive access to DR1, after 
which the data will become available to researchers worldwide. Please 
also note the authorship and publication policy for DR1 data, available 
at http://skymapper.anu.edu.au/policies.

More information on the survey and DR1 are available at the website 
<http://skymapper.anu.edu.au>. Future data releases will include the 
deeper observations of the /Main Survey/, as well as enhanced coverage 
from the /Shallow Survey/. Feedback and questions may be directed to the 
Team at skymapper at anu.edu.au <mailto:skymapper at anu.edu.au>.

- The SkyMapper Team

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