[ASA] ASM2017: abstract submission deadline ends in one week

Helmut Jerjen helmut.jerjen at anu.edu.au
Mon May 8 17:30:12 AEST 2017

Dear Colleagues,

You have one more week to register your abstracts for talks and posters at the ASW 2017 in July.
Abstracts can be submitted at first registration, or after you have registered via the update system here:


For general enquiries, please contact the LOC on: asa2017-loc at mso.anu.edu.au<http://mso.anu.edu.au>
For scientific enquiries, please contact the SOC on: asa2017-soc at mso.anu.edu.au<http://mso.anu.edu.au>

Best regards,
Brad Tucker and Helmut Jerjen (on behalf of the SOC)
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