[ASA] Limited AAT instrument availability early 2018: KOALA, SAMI, IRIS2, UCLES

Chris Lidman chris.lidman at aao.gov.au
Thu Apr 13 14:58:11 AEST 2017

Intervention on the 2dF fibre cable and HERMES instrument - 2018A

In the 2017B call for proposals for AAT time, it was noted that there will be an intervention on the 2dF fibre cable and the HERMES instrument during 2018A.

https://www.aao.gov.au/science/observing/apply-for-observing-time <https://www.aao.gov.au/science/observing/apply-for-observing-time>  

Both 2dF-HERMES and 2dF-AAOmega will be unavailable for approximately four months, starting February 2018. The instruments will become available for use in June 2018.

KOALA, SAMI, IRIS2, and potentially UCLES (if VELOCE commissioning is moved to later in the year) will be the only AAT instruments available at the telescope during these four months. 

With the aim of making sure that the AAT is adequately subscribed during the first four months of 2018A, the AAO is notifying astronomers of this intervention ahead of the 2018A call for proposals. 

We encourage astronomers to consider this as an opportunity to submit proposals that could use a substantial fraction of this time. 

The AAO regularly mounts visitor instruments (e.g. HIPPI), so proposals to mount and use visitor instruments are also welcome.

The AAO will start accepting proposals for 2018A during the middle of August, which is about one month before the proposal deadline.

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Lidman


Dr. Chris Lidman
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