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Dear ASA Members

Under the ASA Constitution (http://asa.astronomy.org.au/constitution.php) the Council is required to prepare a slate of candidates for the next Council, and then to present this to the membership along with a call for any further nominations. The Council must take account of diversity issues such as gender, geographic representation, area of expertise and career level and attempt to cover as broad a range of these aspects as possible when nominating candidates. Another prerequisite that the Council must consider is the willingness of the nominees to put in the necessary time on the work of the Council.

The existing Council can be seen at http://asa.astronomy.org.au/council.php#council. The Executive and Councillors are elected positions whilst the "Other Council positions" are appointed by the Council for specific roles. The Council tries to ensure that the Executive nominees have previous Council experience to ensure a level of continuity in Council proceedings.

To encourage broad participation in the governance of the ASA and to assist preparation of the slate of candidates, Council seeks informal expressions of interest from members with interest in nominating as an ASA Councillor. As required by the constitution, there will be a subsequent formal call for nominations from the membership after the Council nominations are announced.

Any full member (Member, Fellow or Honorary Fellow) interested in serving on the ASA Council should send an email to Marc Duldig Marc.Duldig at utas.edu.au<mailto:Marc.Duldig at utas.edu.au>  with a sentence or two supporting their candidacy by the end of April.

Regards to all and have a happy and safe Easter break.

Marc Duldig
ASA Hon Secretary

Dr Marc Duldig
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Astronomical Society of Australia, Secretary
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Australian Institute of Physics, Former President

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