[ASA] FRAUD/PHISHING ATTEMPT! Membership renewal reminder at Astronomical Society of Australia

John O'Byrne john.obyrne at sydney.edu.au
Tue Jan 31 09:01:10 AEDT 2017

To all ASA members,
Apologies if you received a version of the following email this morning, although it should have only gone to current student members.  This was an inadvertent test of one aspect of the new ASA membership system.  Obviously it works, but please ignore this email for now.

We will be back to you shortly with a real request to renew your membership for 2017.

best wishes,


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Date: Tue, Jan 31, 2017 at 7:36 AM
Subject: Membership renewal reminder at Astronomical Society of Australia

[https://asoa.wildapricot.org/EmailTracker/EmailTracker.ashx?emailCode=a8F56rvxutbqslyJ6deOotC%2fiiSZBOtBId864%2bc7QWoBQZoGglzeT%2fpr9dRw7bhWE0v5VWmoJkVBi461EP4dLPLN8rdhgdTIW6WDx2rudXg%3d]Dear …..,

A friendly reminder that your membership at Astronomical Society of Australia is about to expire on 1 Apr 2017.

To renew or update your membership, log in to your profile at https://asoa.wildapricot.org/Sys/Profile<https://asoa.wildapricot.org/EmailTracker/LinkTracker.ashx?linkAndRecipientCode=c9nyIrrCw6dL4ZB6bgnthqOLCfZihc6hIYDq%2fh4Li93KHDsbTplKXqabwANLwgwmXX110P4HXRQ9pmpdfgFJHWgNW6M8wHMPLUW2QPuHbWY%3d> with your email alin.paraschiv at monash.edu<mailto:alin.paraschiv at monash.edu> and password and follow suggested actions on your profile screen.

Don't know your password? Reset it here https://asoa.wildapricot.org/Sys/ResetPasswordRequest<https://asoa.wildapricot.org/EmailTracker/LinkTracker.ashx?linkAndRecipientCode=Ia6gNtLyLiB5AI6ZC9LFRCccxS05PcXWw3D31OnpVp8%2bCJ8fGLQCBgHUDmEnto016tLziKJyU4MB5s1GBZUD9Hxl%2bMxUdBph5qAHrt%2bXxYM%3d>

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