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Yeshe Fenner yeshefenner at swin.edu.au
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Dear ASA members,

You are invited to complete a short (5-10 minute) survey about the computing-related resources that you currently use, and what you will need in the future to support your work. Your feedback will be important to help Astronomy Australia Ltd (AAL) understand the Australian astronomy community's computing requirements, and plan for future investments and activities to support those needs.

Note: You may respond to this survey as an individual or on behalf of a research group. If the latter, you are encouraged to consult with your research group in order to complete this survey. Heads of departments are encouraged to circulate this invitation to relevant individuals who may not be on the ASA member list.

The survey will close at 5PM AEST Tuesday 2nd August 2016:

Background: AAL established a Computing Infrastructure Planning Working Group<http://astronomyaustralia.org.au/commitees/aerac> in late 2015 to advise AAL on future investments in computing infrastructure, support and training. The Working Group identified a number of areas where the astronomy community's computing requirements are at risk of not being met by the available resources. These areas range from hardware (e.g., storage, compute, network infrastructure) through to software, people and skills (e.g., training and user support). In order for the Working Group and AAL to better understand the prevalence and severity of these issues, the Australian astronomy community is invited to provide feedback via this survey.

Please contact me with any questions.

Thanks for your feedback,
Yeshe Fenner, on behalf of the Computing Infrastructure Planning Working Group

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