[ASA] Workshop Announcement: Bruce Slee and 70 years of Radio Astronomy

Kylie Williams k.williams at sydney.edu.au
Mon Jul 18 11:35:59 AEST 2016

Dear Colleagues

We invite you to participate in an upcoming workshop A Celebration: Bruce Slee's and 70-years of Radio Astronomy.  For more information please visit: www.caastro.org/event/2016-Slee<http://www.caastro.org/event/2016-Slee>

Bruce Slee is one of the pioneers of radio astronomy.  After recording solar emission during World War II, he joined what was then the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research's Division of Radiophysics in Sydney, Australia, and went on to make important contributions to Solar System, Galactic and extra-galactic astronomy.  Although long retired, Bruce continues to carry out research, with emphasis on active stars and clusters of galaxies.

This workshop will celebrate and honour Bruce’s significant contribution to Radio Astronomy, now approaching 70 years. The program will combine historical talks on Bruce's work with science talks that provide a modern perspective, describing current work by a new generation of astronomers in low-frequency radio surveys, variable radio sources and the interstellar and intergalactic medium.

Workshop Details:

•               Dates: 16-17 August 2016
•               Venue: Sutherland Room, Holme Building, University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW
•               Cost: The cost of the workshop is $50.

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN<http://www.physics.usyd.edu.au/sifa/caastro/register/index.php?action=register&workshopId=110>

We have room in the program for contributed talks covering any aspect of the meeting topics. If you would like to give a talk, please submit a title and abstract via the registration page no later than ** Wednesday 28 July **

Invited speakers confirmed so far include:

•               Ron Ekers: Australian Radio Astronomy 1945-1960: An Overview
•               Wayne Orchiston: A Tribute to Bruce Slee: 70 Years in Radio Astronomy
•               Melanie Johnston-Hollitt: Cluster Relic and Halo Sources
•               Natasha Hurley-Walker: MWA GLEAM Survey
•               Anne Green: Radio Surveys of the Galactic Plane
•               Cleo Loi: Ionospheric Studies with MWA
•               Ed Budding: Multi-Wavelength Observations of Active Stars
•               Peter Robertson: Dover Heights and the riddle of the radio stars
•               Roland Crocker: High-energy outflows from the galactic centre
•               Alastair Edge: Steep spectrum radio emission from the cores of clusters
•               George Heald: Low-frequency surveys with LOFAR
•               J-P Macquart: What scintillation can tell us about the physics of the Universe
•               Tara Murphy: Low-frequency transients and pulsars
•               Elaine Sadler: AGN with the Parkes-Tidbinbilla Interferometer

Scientific Organising Committee
•               Co-Chairs: Wayne Orchiston and Elaine Sadler
•               Ron Ekers
•               Joss Bland-Hawthorn
•               Cathryn Trott
•               Jean-Pierre Macquart
•               Tara Murphy
•               Melanie Johnston-Hollitt

Local Organising Committee
•               Co-Chairs: Kate Gunn and Kylie Williams

If you have any questions please contact Kylie Williams by reply email (k.williams at sydney.edu.au)

We look forward to welcoming you at the Workshop

Kind regards
Elaine Sadler and Wayne Orchiston
(co-Chairs SOC )

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