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John O'Byrne john.obyrne at sydney.edu.au
Sun May 8 19:04:24 AEST 2016

Dear members of the ASA,

We would like to announce that we are putting together a time capsule as part of the celebrations of the ASA's 50th anniversary. The time capsule will be sealed during the ASA meeting in Sydney, and (we hope!) will be opened at the ASA meeting 50 years from now.

We are currently seeking suggestions from *you* for items to be placed in the capsule. These may include photos, documents, small artefacts or other memorabilia that you may have in your possession or be able to suggest. We welcome ideas outside this list! We want to represent the Australian astronomical community in 2016 - who we are and what we do.

We also intend to take photos during the 50th ASA meeting (including the welcome reception and conference dinner) that will be included in the time capsule

If you have any ideas, please submit them via the form below:

Please be aware that the object will need to fit (alongside other objects) within a 45L box of dimensions 60cm x 30cm x 25cm. We will be ordering the time capsule from timecapsulesaustralia.com<http://timecapsulesaustralia.com>, and you can see what it will look like below:

[Inline images 1]

Suggestions which are selected to be part of the time capsule will be included on a manifest that also highlights the contributor/suggestor of the item, so this is your chance to be famous in 50 years time! Please feel free to suggest anything you think might be relevant. The final decisions will be made by the ASA 50th LOC with approval from the ASA Council.

The closing date for suggestions is 15th June 2016, to allow us time to process the suggestions and organise for their inclusion. If selected, you will either be asked to bring your object to the ASA meeting or (if electronic) send it to us beforehand for printing on appropriate archival paper. Alternative means of transporting items can be arranged.

Vanessa Moss <vmoss at physics.usyd.edu.au<mailto:vmoss at physics.usyd.edu.au>>
on behalf of the ASM2016 LOC

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