[ASA] Call for Proposals for Australian community access to the Keck telescopes in Semester 2016B

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Tue Feb 23 15:45:32 AEDT 2016

      Call for Proposals for Australian community access to the Keck
      telescopes in Semester 2016B

Proposals for Australian community access to the Keck telescopes in 
Hawaii for Semester 2016B (1 Aug 2016 - 31 Jan 2017) are due by

*5:00pm AEST, Tuesday 22 March 2016.**
Separate calls for Gemini and Magellan proposals in Semester 2016B (with 
proposal deadlines of 31 March and 7 April, respectively) will be issued 


In 2015 Astronomy Australia Ltd (AAL) announced that a total of fifteen 
nights per year on the Keck telescopes will be available to 
Australian-based astronomers during 2016 and 2017 via a national 
program. This time has been made available by the W. M. Keck Observatory 
to AAL via the Australian National University. The collaboration is made 
possible through the support of the Australian Government's National 
Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy, via the Department of 
Education and Training, and an Australian Government astronomy research 
infrastructure grant, via the Department of Industry, Innovation and 
Science. AAL has engaged the Australian Astronomical Observatory's 
International Telescopes Support Office (ITSO) to manage and support 
this programme within Australia.

In addition, the Australian National University (ANU), Swinburne 
University of Technology (SUT) and AAL, who each have access to fifteen 
nights per year on Keck, have agreed to form the Keck Time Allocation 
Committee (KTAC). KTAC will provide a single interface for 
Australian-based astronomers who wish to request access to the total of 
forty-five Keck-nights available per year in 2016 and 2017. This model 
is designed to facilitate larger programmes and broader collaborations 
to maximise the scientific return from Australia's engagement with the 
Keck telescopes. All Australian-based astronomers are eligible for AAL 
time on Keck, including those at SUT and ANU.

          How to apply

Details on how to prepare and submit a KTAC application for 2016B can be 
found on the new ITSO website at


via the "Call for Proposals" and "Submitting" tabs. Applicants should 
also consult the Keck Observatory instrument availability page 
(http://www2.keck.hawaii.edu/observing/instavail.html) and the Keck 
Observatory pages for individual instruments 
(http://www2.keck.hawaii.edu/inst/index.php) for more complete information.

Principal Investigators granted AAL time by KTAC will be expected to 
travel to the Keck Observatory headquarters in Waimea on the Big Island 
of Hawaii. Suitably-experienced observers are invited to make use of the 
dedicated Keck remote observing facilities at SUT or at ANU. ITSO will 
reimburse observer travel costs in either case.

          Need Help?

For general enquiries concerning Australian access to Keck, please 
contact the International Telescopes Support Office (itso at aao.gov.au). 
For enquiries about a specific instrument please contact the instrument 
master listed on each instrument's home page, or contact the ITSO to be 
directed to a local expert if you need a rapid response.

Stuart Ryder
Head of International Telescopes Support
itso at aao.gov.au

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