[ASA] PASA update: live links and double-blind reviewing now live

John O'Byrne john.obyrne at sydney.edu.au
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Dear ASA membership,

On behalf of the Editorial Board I’m delighted to report on two exciting new innovations in PASA:

1) Live links in bibliographies. PASA now includes live links to ADS and doi from references in the typeset bibliography, similar to those in ApJ and more recently MNRAS. It has taken a lot of work to achieve this, so we are delighted to report that this is now live. Simon Murphy’s forthcoming paper on Lambda Boo stars takes line honours as the first paper with live links in it.

2) Optional double-blind reviewing. That is, as an author you can now choose to have your name hidden from the referee during the review process, thus avoiding all kinds of possible biases. We believe PASA is the first Astronomy journal to offer this, and we particularly encourage keen ASA members to trial this option (instructions on how to do so are on the submission page).

Our vision is to build PASA into an efficient, innovative and high-impact journal. We have worked hard to maintain an average turnaround time of 23 days between submission and first report over the last 12 months.

We are particularly keen to attract supplement-style papers such as code and catalog papers, particularly given the demise of traditional “supplement” journals. Our goal for 2016 is to develop some exciting new features (like data curation) to make PASA the natural home for these kinds of papers. Let PASA be your supplement!

Yours faithfully,

Daniel Price
Editor-in-Chief, PASA

—— Top 10 things you didn’t know about PASA ——
1) PASA now returns a financial benefit to the ASA. Publishing in PASA directly benefits your society.

2) PASA publishes the ‘Dawes reviews’, our signature review series on topics in Astronomy

3) There are no page charges for publication in PASA, and a select number of articles each year can be made open access at the discretion of the Editorial Board

4) All PASA articles become open access after a two year proprietary period

5) PASA publishes not only regular papers, but also specialises in supplement-style papers describing software or catalogues as well as educational articles and topical reviews

6) Readers can comment on all published articles via the journal homepage

7) We regularly commission special issues consisting of shorter review articles on a particular theme or topic. Recent examples include:
We do not publish traditional conference proceedings.

8) Over 2,284 institutions around the world are subscribed to PASA. This includes almost every major Astronomy department

9) PASA has an international and gender-balanced Editorial Board

10) We’ll be advertising shortly for two new Editorial board members to join us in 2016.


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