[ASA] First announcement: Diving into the Dark, 18-22 July, Cairns, Australia

Tamara Davis tamarad at physics.uq.edu.au
Mon Sep 21 11:45:48 AEST 2015

First announcement: Diving into the Dark, 18-22 July 2016, Cairns, Australia

It’s our pleasure to announce “Diving into the Dark”, the 2016 scientific conference for the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in All-sky Astrophysics (CAASTRO), which will be held it in mid-July 2016 in Cairns (gateway to the Barrier Reef in Australia).

Title: Diving into the Dark:  Bridging Cosmological Theory and Observations
Dates: 18-22 July 2016
Location: Cairns, Australia (Pullman Cairns International http://www.pullmancairnsinternational.com.au/)

Diving into the Dark:  Bridging Cosmological Theory and Observations
This conference will bring together theorists and observers studying the dark sectors of the universe - dark energy and dark matter.
The search for a physical understanding of the dark sector continues, and progress will depend on the intricate interplay of new, large cosmological datasets, the predictions of physical theories, and accurate simulations.  Which combinations of observable signatures are most interesting for distinguishing between models?  How can we mitigate systematic errors in these measurements?  What are the most exciting new theoretical developments?  The conference will cover a diverse range of scientific topics including large-scale structure, gravitational lensing, peculiar velocities, and supernovae as cosmological probes.

Scientific Organising Committee:
Sarah Bridle (U.Manchester)
Tamara Davis (U.Queensland)
Catherine Heymans (U.Edinburgh)
Wayne Hu (Chicago)
Mike Hudson (U.Waterloo)
Dragan Huterer (U.Michigan)
Nikhil Padmanabhan (Yale)
Andrew Pontzen (UCL)
Mark Sullivan (Southampton)
Risa Wechsler (Stanford)

To put this conference in context, last year our CAASTRO scientific conference was “Supernovae in the Local Universe” with 142 researchers in attendance: http://www.caastro.org/event/2014-supernova  This year’s we are hosting the Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS), with 280 people currently registered: http://www.caastro.org/event/2015-adass

Registration will open on the 1st of December 2015.
Abstract deadline will be the 25th March 2016.
For now, save the date!  It should be a lot of fun.  Winter (July!) is a great time to visit a tropical location, as in July Cairns has an average high of 26 degrees Celsius.

Best regards,
Tamara Davis, on behalf of the local organising committee:
Chris Blake, Ixandra Achitouv, Edward Macaulay, Katie Mack, David Parkinson, Chris Springob, and Brad Tucker

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