[ASA] Call for Nominations for the HWSA SOC 2016

Eromanga Adermann eade8151 at uni.sydney.edu.au
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Dear ASA members,

Thank you to everyone who has already made a nomination for membership of the HWSA SOC 2016! I would like to remind anyone who is still interested in nominating a student (or themselves) to do so before 5:00 pm AEST today.

It has also been pointed out to me that the wording I used to describe the selection criteria in my previous email was not very clear. To clarify, I did not mean that members would be selected on the basis of characteristics that cannot be changed or controlled (e.g. gender). Such characteristics will only be taken into account so that we can form an SOC that reflects the diverse student membership of the ASA as much as possible. Institution and research area will be taken into account for the same reason. What is most important is the nominee's willingness and ability to contribute to the organisation of the HWSA program.

Best wishes,


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Dear ASA Members,

My name is Eromanga, and I'm a second year PhD student from The University of Sydney. I will be serving as the Chair of the Scientific Organising Committee for the Harley Wood School for Astronomy 2016 (HWSA SOC 2016), and I am currently looking to recruit student members to join the committee. This email is a call for nominations for membership of the HWSA SOC 2016.

The job of the SOC is to create a program of talks and workshops for the School that will be valuable to the student membership of the ASA, regardless of their stage of study, area of research, and career goals. Specifically, the SOC will determine the central theme of the HWSA, decide on the talk/workshop topics, and find speakers to give talks and/or hold workshops.

I am keen for the SOC to have a healthy representation of minority groups* within the community. For this reason, I would like to encourage all potential nominators to take note of students you know to be members of minority groups, and consider nominating them to serve on the SOC.

I would also like to encourage any students who are particularly keen on joining the SOC to self-nominate.

Members will be selected based on the information provided in the nomination form. The selection process will take into account the following:

  *   whether or not the nominee will make an effort to contribute (based on answer to the question, "Why do you think the nominee should be considered for membership of the HWSA SOC 2016?")

  *   nominee's gender

  *   whether or not the nominee is a member of one or more minority groups (please include this information in your answer to the above question)

  *   nominee's institution (to ensure representation of as many institutions as possible, especially those that have not had representation in recent years)

  *   nominee's research area (to ensure representation of as many distinct research areas as possible)

Nobody will be disadvantaged as a result of having fewer nominations than others.

The nomination form can be accessed here: https://ero.wufoo.com/forms/z1uo66jj1wgqozo/

I will be closing the form at 5 pm on Friday 18 September (AEST). No nominations will be accepted after that time.

Thanks for helping me assemble the SOC!

Best regards,


*Note: "minority group" as used in this email refers to (but is not limited to) gender minorities, racial/ethnic minorities, cultural/religious minorities within the student community, mature age students, LGBTI students, and students who have a disability.

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